arjun pothuri

associate producer + assistant editor

Arjun Pothuri is an associate producer and editor based in Brooklyn, NY.
He likes stories about big questions and the spectacular failures it takes to answer them. After earning his B.A. in philosophy from Williams College, he’s got no shortage of big questions to ask, like “now what do I do?”
He's the associate producer on the Audible Original "We Are As Gods," a cinematic audio documentary created by Structure Films, a documentary directing duo who make films about the most interesting people in science and technology.
Arjun is also helping Structure Films develop a new documentary feature, as well assisting Insignia Films​​​​​​​ with a new project for PBS' American Masters that’s currently in pre-production.
He’s an experienced assistant editor on commercials, short films, and documentaries. He was the first pass sound designer and a dialogue editor on the "We Are As Gods" audio documentary. And he is an eager PA on documentary and fiction productions.
Arjun is a regular at Carmenta’s and Nene’s.
Contact him at:
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